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    I have a P3 450, and a TNT 2 Ultra 32MB graphics card.

    If you had $200-300 to spend would you upgrade the chip to an 800 or spend the $$$$ on a GeForce card?

    My motherboard is a SE440BX2 (Intel) that supports up to 800MHz.

    I'll use it mostly for gaming.

    Thanks for any replies in advance.


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    go with the 800 just kicked my 450 up to the kids and built a 866. kept my 32 meg ATI 32's are still good cards. and if ya can squeeze it, grab some more ram while its cheap do the vid later when the price of the 64's comes down a bit.

    then sell the 450 and buy the vid card, then sell the 32 meg card and buy even more ram.

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    Get a 700E, O/C it to a gig, and a GF2 MX

    MSI K7T266 PRO 2 RU
    Athlon XP 1600+ Not o/ced for now
    512 Megs PC2100 Mushkin CAS 2
    ATI AIW Radeon 8500 DV
    30 gig IBM
    Soon adding another huge hd for tivo storage.

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    Thanks for the replies. Don't see myself as much of a tech guru, so oc ing is probably out of the question.

    That is unless, of course, someone could point me in a deirection for a oc ing for dummies tutorial.


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