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Thread: what is my dns server (its the same as default gateway)

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    DNS Server

    It is the same as your gateway because that is the default when you are using DHCP to pull your IPs from your router. Your router is most likely set to DHCP to get it's address from the ISP The DNS is provided through your router. Your router is your gateway because it will forward your requests to the next hop. The router is your DNS because all of your DNS requests will be forwarded through your router. You can type in static information if know the IP network you are on and the specific DNS server addresses.

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    Check your routers "status" page, check the support section of your ISP, call your ISP. Several methods to find out.

    Some routers will do the DNS forwarding for they'll hand themselves out as the DNS servers. Other routers wont. I prefer to directly enter the ISPs DNS servers versus using the router. Once less hop, better performance. On the downside...if your ISP changes their DNS servers IPs (something that rarely happens)...your setup will stop working. If you use your router, updates will come down via DHCP.
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    I put my routers IP in as a third entry under DNS servers just in case my ISP does an overhaul or upgrade and change there DNS server IPs.

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    You can also try these 2 free DNS servers that are provided by OpenDNS.. I'm using them..pretty good..


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