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Thread: Wireless fine, comcast comes, wireless slow

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    Wireless fine, comcast comes, wireless slow

    Okay just this morning my wireless was working great, but the internet kept dropping so we got comcast over here and they gave us a new modem, but they apparently did some other things.
    The computer which is wired to the modem is fine. But all of the sudden the wireless is painfully slow. So slow that a speed test can only give it 1 kb/s download speed, and the upload never even finished.
    Nothing changed on the laptop trying to get the wireless but the comcast guys did installl some weird programs which i uninstalled on the wired PC such as comcast toolbar and desktop doctor. I cant figure out what they did that killed the wireless. Every setting on the router looks the same and everything worked just this morning. Distance from the router isnt a factor and if I wire the laptop it works great. I have shut off everythind and rebooted many times. Is there something special you have to do with a new modem?

    Wired Computer: Windows 2000 Pro
    Router: Linksys WRT54GX v2 Firmware version 2.00.20
    Laptop: Windows Vista Home Premium

    *New Development*
    I added WEP security on the router and the speed came back. I did not need one before and the speed was fine. I find it hard to believe that right when the comcast people finished, someone started stealing my internet. I guess its better to always have the security on. So if anyone knows why that worked, that would be helpful.
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