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Thread: how do i convert my wired network to wireless

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    how do i convert my wired network to wireless

    right now i am using a broadband connection connected through LAN on my desktop, using win xp.

    i have recently baught a HP1016 laptop and now i want to access net both on my laptopn and desktop. how can i wirelessly network then both?

    kindly help. thanks in anticipation of your reply

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    Replace your current wired router with a wireless router....
    add a wireless access point to your existing router.
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    I don't think he has a router yet.

    Get a D-link or Linksys wireless router, then you can wired it to your PC and wireless connection to your laptop. Your laptop should have wifi to begin with if not then buy a wifi card.

    Or you can wireless them both but you need a wifi card to your PC also.

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    Red face Need assistance in setting up the wireless Linksys router WRT54GC

    I have a fixed Du broadband line in my flat. I want to convert that into wifi so that i can use my Iphone. I have got a Linksys (WRT54GC) Compact Wireless-G Broadband router. When i tried to set it up, it reads the router well but while checking the internet connection,its not detecting it, whereas i am able to use internet on my laptop. My connection is as below.

    My cable from the wall jack goes to the internet port on the router and the another ethernet cable goes from one of the four ports on the router to my laptop.

    In this setup,i am able to use internet on my laptop. I need to set up the wifi on the router.But while setting up the router,its not detecting the internet connection. Can anyone please help me in it. I would really appreciate it!!!!


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