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Thread: Windows XP Remote desktop connection

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    Windows XP Remote desktop connection

    I am working for a company that has two locations we are trying to implement Remote desktop connections between the two locations. When we were woking on the remote connections today. When ever we tried to log onto the remote desktop all we would get is a blue screen with the IP address at the top. There is no start menu no icons nothing. I have checked the firewall settings at both locations. All names and passwords are set. The remote access is turned on in services. Remote in system is turned on to allow access to the computer. Please if you have any other help for me let me know.
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    Any software firewalls in the way?
    This internally through a VPN tunnel? Or out across the internet to the public IP address of the host network?
    Port 3389 tcp open/forwarded in NAT, assuming so since you do get a challange and partial login
    I'd reset the TCP stack/winsock back to defaults, just in case any odd tweaks were applied. (note that applying this will knock manual TCP settings back to "obtain auto")

    I'm assuming that you do get to the part where you enter you username and password? That it's just sort of hanging at drawing in the desktop or something like that?
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    Thanks for the information I will give it a try today.

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