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Thread: Should I disable ipv6, in Windows Vista?

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    Should I disable ipv6, in Windows Vista?

    Maybe one of the SG network admins could share their thoughts on this one.

    I noticed that in Windows Vista Ipv6 is enable by default for my network card.
    There isn't any advantages having this on is there?
    Could this be more of a security concern?

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    Vista - If you really want to disable IPv6, you can.
    There are fine grained controls if you want, but to disable IPv6 without yanking out support
    overall, globally, you can set:
    "DisabledComponents"=dword: 000000 ff
    and if you want to back out that change, either delete 'DisabledComponents" or set it to 0.
    More information about it here and here .
    If you are curious what each bit of the DWORD does, here you go:
    Disable all tunnel interfaces:
    0 x1
    Disable 6 to4:
    0 x2
    Disable ISATAP:
    0 x4
    Disable Teredo:
    0 x8
    Disable Teredo and 6 to4:
    Disable all LAN and PPP interfaces:
    0 x10
    Disable all LAN, PPP, and tunnel interfaces:
    0 x11
    Prefer IPv4 over IPv6:
    0 x20
    Disable IPv6 over all interfaces and prefer IPv4 to IPv6:
    An interesting sidenote, the codename of Teredo has an interesting background - a shipworm

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    leaving it enabled poses no security risks and no real system load.

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