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Thread: Best connection to Home hub

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    Best connection to Home hub

    My Net connection is by cable via a home Hub currently using the PC's Boards on board 10/100 LAN.

    I have run the speed test and get around 5.7m down load (676kbs) this is after TCIP optimizer (set to 8mb), the bt connections is a 8mb although it is actually listed as 7.2max rate

    I am buying a PCI 10/100/1000 network card in the hope that the added capacity will mean that there is no possible restriction in my connection to the home hub the philosophy being that all the components in the gigabyte card must be rated higher and quieter than the onboard 10/100.

    Thoughts on this would be appreciated. Or am i just waisting £28, another thought is i run 2 clients Of an MMORPG failry regularly could i connect each via its own connection to the router.

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    If your internet connection is 8 megs, a gigabit network card will not give you any performance boost over a 100 meg network card...actually even over an old 10 meg 10Base-T network card.
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    Well i updated it and the sustained speed rating stayed the same, however surfing the net does seem quicker pages open faster.

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