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Thread: 1 ADSL Modem and 2 Routers

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    1 ADSL Modem and 2 Routers

    I have a D-link ADSL modem, and two linksys routers.
    I want to have two independent networks, each with its own router,
    and I want each network to have internet access.
    What do I put between the two routers and the modem?

    (I tried an STLab 5-Port 10/100M Nway Switch, but it did not work.)

    I don't want to connect one router to the other, because I want to be able to remove either router without affecting the other network.


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    With your existing hardware, the one way is to do the clunky double NAT setup, which I'd never want to do. One router is, and the second router is Setup your "outside" router to the broadband modem, configuring it to your ISP. Then uplink your second "inside" router to the outside router...WAN/Internet port of the inside router to a LAN port of your outside router. It will somewhat separate the two networks, the outside network will never see the inside network, the inside network won't "see" the outside network without intentionally it's not the most secure, but it effectively separates.

    If this is a business network that needs full separation..the approach I take for clients is to get a single business grade router or switch...and use port based VLANs.
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    ADSL and 2 routers

    Do you have multiple static IPs? If so, use a hub to connect to the modem instead of a switch. Connect both routers to the hub. It is shared media. Assign 1 static IP, SM and Default gateway to each router. Don't forget about the DNS. This should give you access for both networks if you have more than one static IP address.

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