I can setup a VPN connection from Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 through the built-in wizards to a remote VPN server with no problem. However, since I need to allow LAN clients to connect to the remote server, I decided to try this netgear router I had sitting around for a while. Apparently these routers can easily be linked up between themselves for remote locations, but there supposed to be a way to also connect to other non-netgear gateways.

The way I connect to this VPN server (Allworx 10x System) from windows is by just specifying the remote IP address, username and password. Nothing else! Netgear, however requests a Pre-Shared Secret Key. Allworx does not require any of this and a tech support guy at Allworx told me to just enter anything there and that the Allworx system would allow the connection anyway as long as the username and password were correct. The thing is, is not clear to me where enter this info on the VPN connection parameters in the Netgear config page.

Does anyone know how to something like this?

Thanks !!!