We have a small-office network with a Windows Server 2003-based domain controller. I have successfully setup this server ( to act as a DHCP server as well and it correctly configures all domain clients ( to to have access to internet printers and shares.

I've setup a demand-dial interface that successfully connects to remote VPN server via VPN connection from the Windows 2003 server itself and can now ping the remote VPN server's internal interface ( when connected via VPN.

What I'm trying to do now is allow all clients (or at least 2) in our local domain to be able to ping to this remote server's IP address (obviously pinging is just a way to test whether other domain clients can see this server).

The way it is now, is that only our local server, who establishes the VPN connection, whose able to ping to when connected via VPN, but no other client in the domain can. I'm thinking it has to do with static routes and the like, but I lack the knowledge to complete this last (or so I think) step.

Is anyone able to help me setup this static routes or advise whether I need to do something else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks a million!