Been using a D Link DI 524-A1 wireless router for about 3-4 years. Works fine hooked directly to my wife's computer. I am using wireless for my PC which is in another part of the house.

When I am on-line all goes well for the most part, then for no apparent reason I get a drop of internet signal. This may last 2-3 seconds or several minutes before it comes back again. All the while my cable is showing excellent signal, and all green bars and my wife's directly conmnected PC is doing fine.

At one time I called D Link and they walked me through what I suppose was a calibration, then all was fine for a time. Now it is doing the same thing and now they want to charge me for each minute they give me tech support by phone. There is nothing on their web site that helps.

I listen to radio on the net through my stereo system, and it is quite annoying to say the least to have to run to the computer and reset everything every time this dropout happens.

Can someone please advise on this? I am about to stomp on this piece of junk, but my wife won't let me becauise she has no problem with it getting the signal thru ethernet cable.

Any and all help much appreciated.

Steve C.