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Thread: Another Vista Issue

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    Another Vista Issue

    I have my home network setup so I can share files. I can see my Vista computer from my XP computer just fine and can copy files to/from. But from my Vista computer, I can't see any of the other computer on my network.

    All have same workgroup name, my last name.

    All XP's can see each other fine.

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    Under Vista's network settings did you choose home, public or private network? Then check the options under your choice to make sure you have the proper options checked.

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    make sure vista is set for a private network so it will make itself discoverable, and you will want to turn on network discovery and file sharing.

    Also make sure that windows firewall is off and that all computers are in the same workgroup for faster discovery. Using this method every device on my network including my xbox360 shows up in vista.

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    I have been playing with my LAN connection for the last one month. I have one PC with XP SP2, one with Vista 32 and third one with Vista 64 bit. I also have had problems with file sharing between some combination. From my experiment what I understood is as follows:

    1. Workgroup name can be different, that doesn't hinder file sharing...I am using right now with different workgroup name for testing...

    2. Also private network or public network doesn't affect the file sharing. Only difference is that Private network is LESS secure than Public network, but the name implies otherwise and I confused in the beginning. Though it is my home I use public network for fear of hacking since I am using a wireless router.

    3. When I had the same problem like you had I thought it is something to do with Vista. However, the problem was with the FIREWALL. The firewall was blocking it and I changed the configuration of the firewall that solved my problem.

    So, you may look into your firewall configuration in that Vista PC. Which one are you using for Vista? Since you don't even see other PCs in the Vista PC, I think it is firewall blocking.
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    Thanks all. Actually it was all working when I set it up. I think it may have just been something like a sync or master browser issue going on with my NW, because later it worked again.

    I have Private network. It is my understanding, yes less secure, but mostly OK, since it is your own network behind your router/firewall. Result, easier access among your NW computers. Shoud still be safe, since it's behind the router/firewall.

    I have Discovery ON.

    On my Vista PC, I am using Windows built-in firewall. On my XP boxes, I have Zone Alarm and have it configured to trust the internal LAN IP's I use, X.X.X.1 thru X.X.X.9.

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    check M$ website, xp is lacking a program that vista uses to autodetect

    there are other bugs as well, that is the main one.
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