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Thread: World's most perplexing internet connectivity problem

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    World's most perplexing internet connectivity problem

    The machine is a 2Ghz P4 on an ECS motherboard using the SiS 900 network chipset. Originally, a hard drive failed and we did a fresh windows install on one of the working drives in the computer. XP Home Sp2, installed all the drivers, etc. Used the internet to activate windows, download updates, and so on. All of a sudden (not after any particular piece of software was installed or anything) the internet just stopped working all together. Regardless of browser, there is the notorious "Site cannot be reached" page that comes up immediately. Any other computer on the network connects to the internet instantly.

    Having dealt with many internet problems before, I tried every method of fixing the problem:
    -Installing updated & different drivers
    -Resetting the router, server, hubs on the network
    -Plugged into different ports on hubs/switches
    -Changing ip to static, and back to dynamic
    -Installing new Network Card
    -Using a USB Network Card
    -Doing a WinSock fix
    -Used multiple browsers
    -Turned off all antivirus, firewalls, etc
    -Safe mode, various users
    -Did a full windows repair
    -pinged various servers to test network connectivity

    Every time, the system shows the status as connected, it has a valid ip address, and can ping just about anywhere without issue. EVEN GOOGLE. Yes, thats right, google returned a ping no problem from the command prompt. All protocols, services, and settings are in order. It just doesnt make sense. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like a DNS problem. What do you get for DNS info when you run ipconfig? Is it what it's supposed to be?

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