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    Post 4 gig hard drives

    I've been asked to put together a few workstations. The customer has requested I try and build them as cheaply as possible. They requested in an effort to save money, I install 4 gig hard drives. Does anybody know of a place where I can purchase 4 gig+/- hard drives. I've tried the companies listed on pricewatch, I would just like to buy from someone who has a good track record, I don't want to drive 2 hours to replace a faulty drive.


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    Just my 2cents worth... As far as drives, I truly feel all the major vendors (WD, Maxtor, Seagate, IBM, etc.) are about the same, if we're talking durability. I'll probably get bashed that this one is junk, that one's a pig, I had one of these 5 years ago that crashed, and so on, but let's face it- you're talking about some pretty basic (read cheap) drives here, and you're obviously not too concerned about performance. If you were, I would defer to the fellow posters here who look to optimize for speed, Speed, SPEED! In short, stick with a name brand, you should be OK, IMO.

    But if you're looking for where to buy (other than a local merchant, who may be a little more costly, but who would probably service you better) I've had the best luck price wise with Buy.Com. I've never purchased anything there that I could've gotten anywhere else for less. Sometimes their search tools are a little crummy, but they sell just about everything and anything you could stuff inside a PC, or hook to it. And the prices are simply the best. I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of stuff from them over the last couple years, and service has been great. If they show it as in stock when you place the order, it IS, and it ships the next morning. They furnish you w/UPS (usually the weakest link in process!) tracking numbers for each package.

    On the other hand, my sister, who is MIS for a large company, uses CDW all the time and raves about them. If you are a commercial account, they will assign a rep to you that handles all your transactions, and will be your contact point for all questions, problems, etc. She says they're great, and although they may be a few % more, she likes the service.

    The only time I ever had a bad experience with an on-line vendor was Co-Zone (CompUSA online). They were a complete bunch of idiots! I ordered 6 laser printers, Jet direct print servers, and some cable. Wanted all shipped FedEX overnight- they screwed every bit of it up. Long story- short conclusion- never again!

    So, you pick... BTW, your choices will be slim for a drive as small as 4-gig. But you'll probably find 8-9 gig drive for under 100 bucks.


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    Stick with

    Consider buying that 30 gig for $107.00 a pop. Impress your customer with the extra 26 gig for less. You'd think a 4 gig would cost a lot less then a 30, but it ain't so in the IT world.

    In 2 years (Upgrade time) your Joe customer's gonna bitch about the guy who stuck him/her with only 4 gig.


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