I have a Netgear router which has been setup for wired and wireless network for a 2 years now. My internet connection is thru a DSL modem.

Now the wireless connection does not work at all. matter of fact i have problems getting to my routers admin page itself. sometimes it loads incomplete pages.

The inbuilt Intel PROset/wireless detects my wireless network and connects to it as well but i cant open web pages.

i redid my wireless settings no luck.
tried using a PCMCIA card no luck.
changed channel no luck
disabled firewall no luck
changed the IP address range(pc and DNS) from to no luck

Now here is something confusing. with the inbuilt intel pro i get connected to the network but cannot open the router admin page. with belkin's card i can't connect to the wireless network matter of fact it shows that my connection to the router is not setup.

wired works fine without any issues. can load admin page.

iam not sure what else to check now. i can only think of resetting the router and then setting it up from scratch.