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Thread: Globe Broadband 995 pesos and changing your hard disk

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    Globe Broadband 995 pesos and changing your hard disk

    I have just connected to Globe Broadband 995 pesos per month bundled with landline.

    So far so bad, but I have hope that things will improve.

    Now, I want to change the hard disk to a new one, what will happen to my broadband installation?

    This is what the technicians did to install the broadband:

    1. Connect the Globe landline to the 2dsl modem they brought with them;

    2. Connect the the modem to the input socket of my 3com lancard;

    3. I imagine they linked up with Globe reservoir of bandwidth with a username and a password they only know;

    4. Presto, now I have Globe Broadband access to the web, but very very very slow; sometimes faster but never never never at the maximum of 384 kbps advertised; at most I have so far experienced up to 51 kbps, as per testing from tester from Bayantel.

    I just want to change my hard disk to another one because the present one is already too unwieldy to continue using and I am loathe to reformat it, etc.

    I am using Window XP professional, and my new hard disk is using Windows XP home edition.

    By the way what are the chances of getting from Globe the username and the password to link up with the Globe reservoir of bandwidth?

    Hope you guys here can help me with my concern.

    Thanks in advance for reading this message.


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    Usually, your ISP will give you a installation CD which is placed with the modem in a box and a separate sealed envelope with a first username and password to activate the line.

    Once the line is activated, you are supposed to register yourself at their website and is given a chance to change your username once, and your password as many times as you desire.

    Thus, with the installation disk and username and password known only to you, the connection setup can be rerun in the new hard disk as and when required.

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    Thanks, trogers; there is a cd but no sealed envelope with username and password.

    I am in the Philippines, in Marikina City, Metro Manila.

    I guess I have to call the Innove Globe people about this matter; but the call center service people employed by Innove Globe might not be competent. Just the same it's worth a try.

    Again, thanks a lot for your goodness.



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