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Thread: TCP Optimizer work with Vista?

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    TCP Optimizer work with Vista?

    Does TCP Optimizer work with Vista? if so want do you recommend for
    advertised speeds are for Comcast 8Mb down / 768Kb up with speedbooster

    > Operating System : Windows Vista (TM) Ultimate Professional 6.00.6000

    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 25800 kbps (3225 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 1881 kbps (235.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

    Thanks TCP Analyzer Results
    Tested on: 08.16.2007 06:29
    IP address:

    TCP options string: 020405b40402080a0002494f00000000
    MSS: 1460
    MTU: 1500
    TCP Window: 65160 (NOT multiple of MSS)
    RWIN Scaling: 0
    Unscaled RWIN : 65160
    Reccomended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920
    BDP limit (200ms): 2606kbps (326KBytes/s)
    BDP limit (500ms): 1043kbps (130KBytes/s)
    MTU Discovery: ON
    TTL: 36
    Timestamps: ON
    SACKs: ON
    IP ToS: 00100000 (32)
    Precedence: 001 (priority)
    Delay: 0 (normal delay)
    Throughput: 0 (normal throughput)
    Reliability: 0 (normal reliability)
    Cost: 0 (normal cost)
    Check bit: 0 (correct)
    DiffServ: CS1 001000 (8) - class 1 (RFC 2474). Similar forwarding behavior to the ToS Precedence field.

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    Nobody's figured out how to adjust Vista's TCP/IP stack but judging by your speed test results and the tier of service that your on, I'd say your good to go. Vista TCP/IP stack is self adjusting for the most part.

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