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Thread: downstream power level -18....????

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    downstream power level -18....????

    Frequency 579000000 Hz
    Signal to Noise Ratio 30 dB
    QAM QAM256
    Network Access Control Object ON
    Power Level -18 dBmV
    The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new reading
    Upstream Value
    Channel ID 1
    Frequency 22800000 Hz
    Ranging Service ID 6448
    Symbol Rate 2.560 Msym/s
    Power Level 50 dBmV

    what does this mean...??? Is my modem going bad...??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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    have the ISP come out and bump it up..should be around -+5 from 0 thats a happy spot for it.

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    Does this mean that my isp is where the problem lies or could this be a problem in my house's wiring...??? Thanks again for your time. Sorry I am new to this...

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