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Thread: Connecting to VPN kills other users internet access

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    Connecting to VPN kills other users internet access

    If one user in our remote office connects to the VPN it prevents others on the network from accessing the internet. I have noticed this also happens at my home and 4 or 5 other locations I have checked. But I have also noticed that this does not happen at airports, hotels or starbucks. Anyone have any ideas?

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    What is the setup? Destination VPN appliance? 3rd party software VPN clients being used?

    Router at the satellite office?

    Which office loses local connectivity?
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    The remote offices are using a Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router F5D8230-4

    The remote office loses connectivity. 4 users and if one connects then the other 4 lose the ability to connect to the internet. They do not lose connection to the router. It's like they are connected but the internet is blocked.

    They connect to a Cisco Pix 506E they connect using default microsoft connection on windows XP.

    This also happens with Netgear and Linksys routers.

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    it's too strange!
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    Believe it or not I just had this same issue this weekend at our site. Employee called and said when he opened up his VPN his insternet would not work at all. Then all of them were having the same issue. My solution was this... Go to --> Start --> Control Panel --> Network connections ---> right click on your VPN icon ---> properties ---> networking --> tcp/ip properties --> click on the "advanced" button ---> uncheck " USE DEFAULT GATEWAY ON REMOTE NETWORK"

    Worked for me. Everyones internet came back up and the vpn works like a champ still. Good luck

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