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Thread: Jumbo Packet - what should i pick?

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    Jumbo Packet - what should i pick?

    I'm using my motherboard's built-in NIC (Marvell Yukon) 2 access the net and it's a very nice/reliable NIC and i wanna optimize it even further by regularly updating the driver and with recent driver updates, i noticed that they changed the jumbo packed size from none to 1514. I have no problems at all but i wanted 2 pick up the largest packet size (9014) 2 see what effect i can have but i really don't know what i am doing and how positive (or negative) can this parameter do exactly - any clarification ?

    P.S. I use XP PRO + a 512 kbps ADSL connection

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    This does nothing to your internet speed as the world wide web is using MTU of 1500.

    But can be useful within a LAN for faster file transfer between comps.

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