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Thread: Group wide password update

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    Group wide password update

    A friend of mine (the same friend of the 2 students who help with the network and the initial password leak) gives me the Admin password when I complain to him about the resolution of the PCs in my design class (1024x768 on 19" monitors). I get caught on the Admin user, they blame me for everybody knowing the password. They then pay the same 2 students, who get paid by the hour, to change the password on every PC by hand. Takes "10 minutes each". Takes hours to do. The school system also blames me for how much they had to pay. Monday I have to go back in front of the School Board and explain why they should "let" me back in. I don't want back in, but I do want to leave them speechless.

    Long explanation, right? Here is the problem: Is there an easier way than that to change the windows password for every computer in a workgroup?

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    Yes, there is an easier, quicker way to change the local admin password.
    Check out Microsoft's article here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashler1999 View Post
    Yes, there is an easier, quicker way to change the local admin password.
    Check out Microsoft's article here:
    Well that is a bit old, only works for NT and 2000. Also for a domain, not a workgroup.

    I don't know of anyway to do that sort of management on a workgroup, that is why I always recommend going to a domain if a few computers involved.

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    Local admin password

    I came across an app that will do domain and workgroup changes for the local admin password on every windows machine---applies to NT4 and higher machines---check it out if you get a chance---(

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