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Thread: Mysite Questions

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    Mysite Questions

    Verizon site support seriously lacks for a real human being actually answering questions. They need to start a user forum. Go figger.

    So I am building my website using their site builder. It's OK for someone who only does this occassionally like me. I am using a subaccount for this site. I am ready to publish site, but it's telling me that my url will be like,,, So what is the funky "rexf0a4" part?

    Needless to say, I email for help and their help cyborg emails me back 10 things that have nothing to do with my problem. They need real human email help.

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    So, you're saying that you need "" to get to that website? or can you just type "" and it takes you there?

    If you just type "" and it redirects to '' then it may be the database that its connecting to.

    If not... i dunno, sounds wacky.

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