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Thread: Problem with some page loads

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    Problem with some page loads

    Okay, I'm using Firefox, but these issues are happening with IE as well:

    While online, some pages either won't load, or load very slowly. It's always the same ones (yahoo, myspace, few others). When I disable javascript, the pages will load much more quickly. I've done scans with adaware and spybot, cleaning everything that came up there, but with no real change. Virus scans come back negative, as well. Windows is fully updated, and as far as I can tell all drivers are up to date. Any ideas?

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    what type of connection do you have,what antivirus are you using and, have you cleared ie cache

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    It's a cable connection, cache has been cleared, and I'm using AVG as the anti-virus software.

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    A note about MySpace, Yahoo!, and the like, they like to cram their content in on JavaScript and jam your screen and memory with advertisements, if you use some of the advertisement blocking programs, not allowing the script to execute from known spammers or ad groups that operate covertly, this will clear up a lot of the problems. There is something called a leaky cookie, which is a javascript program that executes malicious script (not again Microsoft) that causes the script to enable services on your computer without your knowledge nor consent, basically setting your computer up so they can spy on you, so you content that only they want you to see not another advertiser, etc. Down right evil if you ask me.

    You can use ZoneAlarm that does a pretty good job once you master the interface and what all the options do for you. I have all 3rd party cookies set for deny, all web bugs disabled, etc.

    It's not the JavaScript that is the problem, it's how it is used and loaded down that causes the slow down. Most JavaScript virii or leaky cookies (not actual cookies but are stored in the cookie area of the browser) are loaded at run time so therefore the virus scanners don't find them, they automatically assume that by using certain routines that Microsoft uses that it's ok and they leave that script running when it should not be.

    I have ZoneAlarm set for Game mode no matter what, I hate all the interruptions that application throws in your face when you are doing something on the web.

    Game mode keeps it from throwing up all kinds of stuff it finds and stays quiet.

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