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Thread: Configure Dual Wan Router & Domain Controller

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    Configure Dual Wan Router & Domain Controller

    I just purchased a new dual wan router and have connected it to 2 ISPs. I want to remove DNS/DHCP from our domain controller and have the router handle it as most of our work is now on the internet and the server doesnt seem to like dual wan router.

    Is there anything special I need to configure the router if it is managing dns/dhcp and there is a DC on the network. About 15 members on domain for mostly files and 65 not on domain that just access internet.

    Router is a D-Link LB604
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    You don't want to remove DNS from your domain directory will break, you'll lose a lot of functionality, the server NEEDS to look at itself as it's DNS server, and workstations NEED to use the servers IP as their DNS server.

    See my article here....

    I also prefer to run DHCP on the domain controller, versus from a router. It tightens things up, the server is more aware of workstations, etc. For a small's hardly even noticed as a load by the server.

    In MMC, properties of your DNS service, just add the 2x additional DNS servers of your secondary ISP as the 3rd and 4th forwarders.
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    If you have these two WANs bridged you might want to look into using the Dynamic RIP protocol to keep the DNS and routing stable as well.

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