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Thread: I guess it's just not worth it...

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    I guess it's just not worth it...

    ...the fearmongering has won.

    Crime-fighting beats privacy in public places: Americans, by nearly a 3-to-1 margin, support the increased use of surveillance cameras ó a measure decried by some civil libertarians, but credited in London with helping to catch a variety of perpetrators since the early 1990s.

    Given the chief arguments, pro and con ó a way to help solve crimes vs. too much of a government intrusion on privacy ó it isn't close: 71 percent of Americans favor the increased use of surveillance cameras, while 25 percent oppose it.

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    I've been filing paperwork to get a camera installed into my neighbors house for years, my quest falling on deaf ears. Polling my other neighbors, they all support my initiative by a 4 to 1 margin!
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    My guess is alot of people don't understand how being in public can intrude on privacy.

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    it'll get worse

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    we haven't had any privacy for a while

    Izzo is right, only going to get worse
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    I never voted in this. Any of you guys?

    Where do they get a 3 to 1 #?

    My guess is asking people they knew would want it.

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    Brainwashing the masses started pretty much at birth.
    If "they" want us to believe in something, "they" have the people with high intellect to accomplish it. The masses are way too easily swayed, and/or brainwashed.

    Imagine the outcry if this was attempted, and surveyed during the McArthy era?
    Times change, because "they" make the changes necessary to get what "they" want from the masses.

    Ask MadDoc about sheep.
    Nah, never mind, he'll go off on a tangent about how warm and cuddly they can be. lol

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    They used the cameras for target practice around here. Put one up around my house and Iíll sniper it off the telephone pole too.

    From Here

    This is one thing that we need to listen to the ACLU about.

    Senator Landrieu's proposal for surveillance cameras raises even more questions. No objective data exists to support the use of video surveillance by police in public places to prevent or solve crimes. In London, where 150,000 cameras were installed to reduce crime, certain incidents of violent crime actually rose after the network was installed. In addition, the personnel in charge of operating the cameras engaged in widespread violations of civil liberties. They focused almost exclusively on people of color, gays and young people, and monitored public meetings, marches and demonstrations.

    The ACLU released its own five-point action plan to lower the crime rate while still protecting civil liberties. The proposed reforms are:

    Invest in real crime prevention. Young men 15 to 29 years old commit most of the alarming street crime in New Orleans and across the nation. The key to crime prevention lies in strong families and communities - jobs with a livable wage, decent housing and neighborhoods, quality schools for everyone - not more prisons.

    Move forward with staffing and funding the office of the Independent Monitor for the New Orleans Police Department to hold the police accountable to the people who pay their salaries. People will not cooperate with police officers that they do not trust or respect.

    Expand non-prison sanctions for non-violent offenders, such as issuing tickets instead of jail time for minor offenses, and wider use of release on personal recognizance, home detention, restitution and other non-incarceration measures. Such measures would save costly prison space for those who should be removed from society, and would cease wasteful incarceration in Louisiana's state and local jails that already cost taxpayers close to one billion dollars a year.

    Treat non-violent drug abuse and small quantity possession as a public health issue, not a crime problem. Nearly two-thirds of today's prisoners are non-violent drug abusers. They need treatment, not a jail or prison cell.
    Stop enacting or considering ineffective "anti-crime" laws or policies like checkpoints, surveillance cameras, and release of FEMA lists to law enforcement that reduce our freedoms, but not our crime rate. Many police, prosecutors and corrections officials agree that constitutional rights do not hinder effective law enforcement.
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    I don't mind them for protection means or someone putting them up in a business as to safeguard things.

    But I put a webcam at my window from time to time to watch the birds and squirrels at times, am I wrong cause it caught my neighbor mowin the yard also?

    I guess I can see both sides of the arguement.

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