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Thread: Step 2: assembly

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    Cool Step 2: assembly

    Hello all again. Well I have finally purchased a motherboard, case, processor, 2 sticks of crucial ram, and a silver orb cooling system. Here is the list of items, i need any advice you guys have to give about assembling the system as this is the first time that I have ever done this. Thanks,

    1.2 ghz t-bird processor
    silver orb cooling fan
    2 sticks of crucial 128mb memory
    ATX case with 300w power supply

    I still need to by the rest of the items such as video card, hard drive, and cd rom. One more thing which would you say is better, the plextor or yamaha for a cdrw?

    Thanks again
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    well, if you want you can install the mobo into the case, and the CPU/RAM/HSF into their respective spots, connect the ATX power connector to the mobo, and the I/O connectors (case LED and botton leads). there's not much else you can do at the moment except maybe power it up and listen to the annoying POST beeps saying there is no VGA device detected. i remember the feeling, tho'. just got the stuff and now you wanna play!

    anyways, if you dont have a wrist-ground i would pick one up. they're pretty cheap and are a small price to pay for static electricity insurance. if not, then make sure you touch an unpainted part of the chassis (preferrably the PS) before you touch any of the components.

    (*oh, and i would read the entire manual for your mobo at least once*)

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    From personal experience, putting on the orb series fans are like trying to mount a horny dog onto a frightened cat. I ended up chipping my cpu core on my celery and lucky I got it replaced for free (was still covered under the store warrentee). And like smaier said, read the manuel atleast once, fully through. Make sure you know how to put the led case cables onto the board.
    Now to answer your questions,
    1.)Definately go for a plextor, you won't regret it. The 12x IDE writer should save you some cash (Be prepared to spend about $400w/tax CAd on this burner)
    2.) You can either wait for a Geforce3 price to drop, or get a Geforce 2 GTS pure. It should last you gaming needs for a nice year or two.($234 CAD wo/tax)
    3.)Maxtor is finally making good hd's, so picking up a 20gig 7200rpm hd won't be such a bad idea (Price is about $170 CAD wo/tax).
    You can get a larger hd memory size if you feel you need it.
    Anything else?
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