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Thread: Add VPN Router to Existing Network

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    Add VPN Router to Existing Network


    I need to set up a vpn on our existing network. My company uses Hughesnet's satellite modem/router - HN7700s and it is connected to a switch that has 4 computers connected to it. This HN7700s router uses static ip address. The only purpose for using Hughesnet is because our parent company's web server is only enabled to be access thru this network only. Therefore, I can not change the above setting.
    However, also because of this kind of setting, I am not able to work from home (can not access parent company's web server, I use comcast cable at home). My questions here:
    1. Do I need a server connected to vpn router if all I wanted is to dail in from home thru vpn at work that will allow me to access the parent company's website.
    2. Can I add a vpn router (ex: Linksys - RVS4000) to the HN7700s and still be able to run the vpn.


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    You'd open/forward the ports necessary for your VPN appliance. That appliance would sit on one of the private internal IPs...and the ports would be forewarded to that IP.
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