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Thread: Rule the Seas! Browser game, REAL time waster!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmo66 View Post
    I don't get the quest crap? Do I have to go buy all that stuff? What's the prize?
    yeah, you have to find the items then you recieve something in return. some of what you receive is used in other/future quests. some of it is useful for mid to low level characters. there is a good sword you get that's a 61% damage with a decent proc on it too.

    The last quest i did upgraded my DJTM to a cursed DJTM, same damage % bet the proc it added to it made it better than the skiver I had been using.

    I've bought a lot of extra stuff for the quests, let me know if you need something

    DOWNSIDE- nothing gained in the quests is tranferable or marketable.

    Nice pts buy mark!

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    ^^^Attacked me while I was online earlier today...been warding him ever since. If anyone else wants to join in...
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    Is anyone still playing this one?

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    I argh. or Aye am. your choice

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    Yep, got out for a good spell but back in. Started me own gang actually. We leveled 30 times in a week and that was only me! LOL


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