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Thread: Can't directly connect to modem without router, why is this?

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    Can't directly connect to modem without router, why is this?

    I currently can't connect directly to my cable modem without using a router for some reason. The router isn't mine and is going to be taken soon, so I have to figure out the problem fast. I recently changed ISP's, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. Before swithing I could unplug everything and connect straigt to the modem, but now I have a different modem(motorola sb5100) and it won't allow me to direct connect at all.

    Needless to say I need some help. Is it the new modem, new ISP, or some random setting I need to change?

    Any help, tips, advice is greatly appreciated!

    Also, keep in mind, my knowledge in networking and broadband is limited.


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    It sounds like all you have to do is unplug the power to the modem for a couple minutes then power it back on. This will force the modem to re-register the mac address of your computer back to the ISP and it then should work.

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    Sounds like your modem is setup for a static IP address with a different subnet address than what you computer is set for. Most people that are not good with computers have all the equipment set for DHCP so the components can find each other and start communicating immediately without you having to do much if anything.

    If the modem is looking for a static IP address in which it connects to, you have to find out that IP address and subnet that is communicating on and put that information on your computer's TCP/IP configuration menu, also you need to have the gateway address for the modem be set on your computer too. The gateway IP address on your modem is the IP address in which is like a street address for people to find you, the gateway is the street address for your computer to find it on the network, the static IP address is the street address the modem needs to see to find you on the network, and the subnet address, is like the city you are in. That is the easiest way to think of it.

    Let me know what your hardware is and let's see if we can get you squared away.

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