Hi all, im working for BENQ, and recently we have a lot of problems with our network, we have 2 core switches 3560 and suddenly when we lost the power and the power resume, the network start to fail, high latencies over 1000 ms and packets lost, the first time that its happend i restart one of the core switches and everithing seem to be normal, but the last time we have a power shutdown, the power resume and after 2 hours the network start to fail again. all trafic on the network was bad, very high latencies, and packets lost, the databases collapsed and domain controlers disconected.

I try to restart all core switches but no luck, after a hour, of restarting all devices the network return to normally.

I dont know if the fail is caused by a power shutdown,and if yes why after 2 hours.

this kind of problem happend me once but no power shut down happend.

Thanks for your help