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Thread: Classified material stolen from nuke lab

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    Classified material stolen from nuke lab

    hmmm, Wondering if this might be going to some jihads eh?

    WASHINGTON - A contract employee at a nuclear material cleanup site in Tennessee was charged Thursday with allegedly stealing classified data about enriching uranium to sell to foreign governments, law enforcement officials said.
    The man, identified as Roy Lynn Oakley, 67, of Roane County, Tenn., instead sold the sensitive material to undercover FBI agents, said two officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because the arrest had not yet been publicly announced.
    Oakley was scheduled to appear in court Thursday afternoon. He was arrested months ago, when the sale took place, and then released. He was named in a two-count indictment on Thursday.
    WTF released???

    Isn't, or wouldn't this be classified as a terrorist act? I mean the guy was trying to sell our info to foreign goverments wtf??
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    Have they read the material? Maybe the guy was giving them fake info to blow themselves up!


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