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Thread: My Qwest Actiontec modem frequently disconnecting..

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    My Qwest Actiontec modem frequently disconnecting..

    I have a Actiontec GT701-WG. It disconnects me every couple of hours. I have no clue why it is doing this. I thought it was maybe because I had a USB + Ethernet running through it to go to two computers. But I hooked both computers up through my Linksys WRT54G and it is still disconnecting. Any help on what is causing this problem is much appreciated. It is so annoying getting disconnected while playing an online game. -_-

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    Yes, I know this product well, as well as the plain wired ADSL modem from Actiontec.

    Simple, the problem is not on the inside of the house it's outside, has nothing to do with your router or wireless access point. I assume you are using Qwest as your service provider or your ISP is? I am seeing that happen a lot.

    When your modem goes offline, do you mean you lose DSL line sync, the little green light on the DSL indication goes off (dark) then comes back on again after a little bit?

    Let me impart this as a bit a knowledge, ask the ISP what type of line coding you are to be using and type of ADSL service you have. Most Qwest groups use the G.DMT line coding and have UBR data.

    When you first got this service it was working perfectly right and then, boom! It's intermittent? Change the type of ADSL service from CBR (I got into a fight with Qwest about this), to UBR. Basically they allow you to have the great service and speeding connections during the "introductory" offer time, then switch you to UBR without your knowledge and consent. If your modem is not set to auto-sense the difference in the service you will have connectivity errors a lot more like I did.

    It is a possibility you could be having line errors like myself as well, it's the weather doing a lot of this hell and also the phone company is screwing around not wanting to do their job stating it's our fault and problem, it's not their stuff. That's a cop out, don't put up with those tactics.

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