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Thread: Time Warner RR Home LAN set-up

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    Time Warner RR Home LAN set-up

    I have a LAN, SBS Server 2003 Domain controlled, one workstation and one laptop, through a Linksys wireless access point router, M/N BEFW11S4 Version 2. This portion is working as intended. I would like to connect this to my RCA DCM 425 Cable modem. I've tried the following and am unable to get an internet connection on any of the computers;

    Wall outlet to Cable modem
    Cable modem to Linksys
    Linksys to server and workstations/laptop(wired and/or wireless).

    This scenario works for laptop access only to the internet. The laptop can use all of the LAN resources and vice versa but no internet on the server or workstation(obviously);
    Wall outlet to Cable Modem
    Cable Modem to Laptop(wired)
    Linksys to server/workstation(wired)
    Linksys to laptop(wireless)

    I've read about MAC cloning, thought I had it set up correctly on the Linksys, updated it's firmware, tried all the variations of power cycling (I think) and am able to get an IP at the router similar to the one I would have if the modem is connected to the laptop. But still no connection.

    On Edit 7:55PM EDT 15 July 2007: DHCP is disabled at the router currently, I've tried it both enabled and disabled, no change in performance with either configuration(my server must be acting as a DHCP server, I'm not sure how to turn it off or if I should). I've changed the MTU in the Linksys config to 1384, both configurations, still no broadband internet available on my LAN.

    I've had a long distance conversations with my IT guy(we've both moved in different directions) but no luck. He's only reiterated what I've tried.

    Any thoughts? Anything that I didn't try?
    Obviously it's a simple configuration issue I'm just not sure which switch to flip.

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