Hi All,
Iam new to Networking.Though i have done the MCSE training,certain tasks prove so challenging.I have been given a task of setting up some form of VPN to members of staff at a small company.Before i go into details,i can say i have read some articles on this fora and i see many of you guys have had different experiences with VPN installations.I have 5 routers;
1.Intelligent Gateway 1800
2.Linksys WRT54g router
3.Linksys WAG354 ADSL router
4.Sparkcom ADSL Router
5.D-Link DI-524 Wireless Router
all i need to do is provide users with a VPN connections to a server running windows 2003 that stores a Database.There will only be a max of 10 concurrent connections to the server via VPN at any one time.These clients will connect either from their homes or on the road where ever they have internet connections.We use the Intelligent gateway to connect to the internet.This gateway connects to a LAN so all of our pcs at the office connect to the net through the Broadband Router.Is it possible for me to use any of these routers to configure VPN connections?If so can some please take me through the process so i can clearly understand what iam supposed to do?If not what router would be ideal for me to buy though .I need a Hardware related VPN than software coz i want use this as an opportunity to learn how these devices are configured.Your help will be higly appreciated.