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Thread: Using QOS on Router for Traffic Control Please Help

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    Using QOS on Router for Traffic Control Please Help

    Hi, I have a 4 Port +Wirelss AP which i share with other 4 guys

    One of those Guys Download / P2p as HELL!!!!!! I get almsot 20% Timeouts when he uses p2p Shiit

    Now i tried to Find something to control traffic over the 4 of us
    Specially i Play games Online, but i found many ppl talking about QOS to be configured to Prioritize traffic (Bandwidth control)

    The Router has QOS but i don`t know what exactly to Choose , which Ips to Add i Attached a Screen shot of the Router window @ QOS setteings

    and Choices are :

    Assign ATM Transmit Priority: low/Medium/High
    Mark IP Precedence : 0~7
    Mark IP Type Of Service : Normal Service/minimize Cost/
    Maximize Reliability/Maximize throughput/
    minimize Delay

    Mark 802.1p if 802.1q is enabled on WAN: 0~7

    SET 1 :
    Physical LAN Port: (lan 1-4)/Wireless/Wireless_Guest

    Protocol : Tcp/UDP TCp UDP ICMP

    All options after that is IPs/ Subnet masks /Ports i must write down

    SET 2
    802.1p priority : 1~7

    Router IP :
    The Guy Alwasy downloading Ip is :
    My Ip :

    thats For the router ,

    I also Have TCP optimizer on my PC Configured as Optimum and Adjusted Bandwidth at 256 Kb (i`m Gonna Upgrade it to 1 M.bit in couple of days)

    is there is any setteings i can put Custom to improve performance!!

    Thx in Advance for Any help and Thx Also to the Big names in this Forum i always benefited of thier knowledege
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    SET 2
    802.1p priority : 7
    Ip is :

    You could try this as well find out what p2p programs hee is using get the ports for that program

    SET 1 :
    Physical LAN Port: what every port ison
    Protocol : ICMP if you could deny this do it for him it should help the timeouts
    ports of the p2p
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    thx for info i`ll try the SET 2 settings for now and test them On myslef
    , But IF i used the SET 1 Without ports so it will slow down all that ICMPs out of his machine right???

    cause i realy don`t care cause he insists to leave his downloads Unlimited!!! and the 4 of us suffering because of him

    Also the one thats downloading much has a Wirless laptop that he uses through the router`s AP sometimes

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    yeah the icmp would just give your more pings that will help keep you connected. The higher speed package would really help 256 between 4 people it's kinda hard to spilt between three other people.
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    it will be 512 >>> then 1 M.Bit in somedays so doesn`t matter if some 1 is stressed so others can use the connection

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    Hi, I still can`t figure it out , I Attached an HTML copy of the DSl Routers Page for QOS with all its options please Check it out , and Try explaining it for me , or in other words answer these questions for me:

    1- how can i limit the PC from downloading and Damaging my online games and others who may use VOIP, Chat Programs, etc

    2 - how can i prioritize my traffic so as to improve my ping times, knowing that today i tested the Ping use Cmd prompt Ping, found it ~130 , But Games was having Lagggs and Lock ups until i Manually stopped this guys ( Connection!! everythinh Gone So Smooth!

    Connection is 512 kb/s
    Thx in advance

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    Exclamation How to Monitor Downloading traffic in MB or GB remotely ?

    Hi, i hope some one can help me out from this problem. I have high speed broadband. which is sharing between 3 persons. But i have found other two persons download big files from the net and i run out of download limits every month. I would like to install a client agent to other two pc and in my pc i would like to install a admin software so that i can monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic in MB or GB in daily or weekly or monthly basis. Does anybody knows any similar software which i can trace the bandwidth usuage for every single pc ? Please reply

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    Yup, first..what make/model router do you have?
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