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Thread: Chainning 2 "3COM 8" Switches without loosing speed

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    Chainning 2 "3COM 8" Switches without loosing speed

    I have 2 3COM Gigabit 8 Switches chained with a network cable that connects them.

    The problem is that when i want to copy something from a computer connected to "Switch 1" to a computer connected into "Switch 2", the speed never goes over 3 kbs (which is much much slower than when i copy something from 2 computers connected in the same switch).

    Is this normal ?
    Is there anything that i can do to improve this situation ?

    Any help will be much apreciated.

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    Have you tried a different patch cable to link them? Is it cat5e or cat6?

    The switches support jumbo frames of 9k...are your PCs set to that?
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