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Thread: If you have ADSL and are having trouble staying connected or can't connect. * READ *

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    If you have ADSL and are having trouble staying connected or can't connect. * READ *

    I was notified the other day that anyone that is using ADSL modems to connect to any of these companies, that includes your ISP, since when you connect your ADSL to the phone line it actually goes to the phone company and not the ISP's location. The ISP only gives you Internet service, which sits on top of the physical signalling at the phone companies circuits.

    Important Note:

    If you are having trouble connecting, receiving line / CRC / FEC / HEC errors, or can't stay connected no matter what. These companies do something funny (no the he he ha ha ho ho kind either) when they sign you up for High Speed Internet (known as HSI by Qwest). What they do is give you Constant Bit Rate (seen as CBR, in the DSL settings menu) when you first start out, as an "Introductory" offer, but don't notify you of this as this not being a part of the normal service, nor does it make any mention of this in the contract between the two parties (you and them). They switch the service bit rate to unknown bit rate (UBR), in other words, take what you can get, "cause we are aren't going to try anymore" (sub best effort). Now with UBR, you will get the same connection speeds although you may not necessarily hit the maximum upload and download speeds, most people at best will get 90% of the bandwidth and low latency alotted to them at any given time. ISPs also can do traffic shaping in such a way that you appear to be getting the full download speed and low latency but what they actually are doing is limiting your upload speed on the ISP side even more, so if you are getting a really low upload speed and your noise characteristics look fine to us engineers and technicians, it's most likely someone is shaping your bandwidth whether you like it or not.

    For differences between UBR and CBR ADSL, please Google it, it gets quite lengthy.


    You have everything the way your ISP and Phone Company wants it to be setup as, most of the time they omit this one factor that causes most of our pain to begin with.

    Under Quality of Service (QoS) for DSL:

    Usually you can select from many different types of codings and data formats.

    Auto Select

    A lot of modems want to do auto-select, don't allow it to do that, because it will get stuck on "CBR" mode and you will continue to have trouble, manually select "UBR" mode, then save it, then disconnect your modem from the line and reconnect it, let it train in / resync with the circuit and you will be good to go.

    For those of you on Burstable IDSL, you should stay on the VBR setting unless notified by your ISP to use UBR for packet radio transmission (DSL on satellite dish links).

    Also, very important, many auto-select selections with use G.Lite as the signalling but most people should be using G.DMT (which is faster than G.Lite and you get more bandwidth, the stuff you are paying for). Yes, G.Lite does infact connect to ADSL modems using G.DMT but to get more of what you are paying for, switch it. The best policy is to ask your ISP what signalling the phone company uses since talking to the phone company is a brick wall most of the time.

    Got more questions on how to fix that on your modem, just ask.

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    Still not working well - at all.

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