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Thread: Windows XP x64

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    Windows XP x64

    Its been out for a while now--anyone have any further input, or still a compatibility nightmare?

    I have been searching google and have found mixed opinions.

    I was considering a Mac Pro for my wife as she does a lot of digital editing using applications like Photoshop and LightRoom and therefore requires a lot of memory (Mac seemed like a logical choice because you are not restricted to the 3gb of RAM like Windows); however, I just cannot bring myself to do it so I have been looking at alternatives and thought about x64 as it is not limited to 3gb either.

    I configured a pc and will post the specs in the hardware forum to see if it is worth it, or if I should just buy her a Mac...
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    Honestly xp64 wasnt that bad, I mean all my drivers installed perfectly from setup. If youve got a 64bit processor I would say go for it,but if u have at least a gig of ram, i'd run vista. I went xp64 to vista ultimate 64 and havent looked back since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by illestdynasty View Post
    if u have at least 2 gigs of ram, i'd run vista.

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    Get the Mac Pro. You can load Windows onto a separate partition and run it natively when needed. Best of both worlds.

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