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Thread: Tcp Optimiser Prob Urgent!!!vista!!!!

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    Exclamation Tcp Optimiser Prob Urgent!!!vista!!!!

    hi i used the optimiser thats on this website on my comp at home and its a vista.... i thought its capable but it obviously isnt when internet explorer and ither net programs didnt work and didnt load any pages... i used the restore to backup thing and that didnt work, and used system restore and the visa repair and that didnt work... the net is on a wireless router which is still workin on the other comps in the house except mine!!!

    please help me with this i dont know wat to do..


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    format reinstall vista?

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    Are you operating under the administrator's account? If you are and when we get this fixed, make another account as a power user for your computer, this prevents people from doing very destructive things to their computer's software.

    Now, what did you do in the SG TCP Optimizer? Give me a list.

    Another thing, the SG TCP Optimizer doesn't really work with Windows Vista, the TCP/IP stack is auto-tuned for performance in that version of Windows. The only thing you can do for more performance on those machines is to enable the NIC processor(s) and increase the RWIN or receive buffer, the other parameters are auto-set by the operating system itself.

    Let's see if we can get your connection back again.

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    all i did was click the optimise connection thats all and i restarted... like i said i used the back up feature and that didnt work at all....not sure wat else there is to do...

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