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Thread: linksys wpa problem

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    linksys wpa problem

    Hey there,
    I have a linksys router v4.2 and it correctly gives a signal to the other computers in the house. I recently bought a Sony PSP, and tried to connect to the internet. I was able to scan and pick up my router's signal, but I do not know what my WPA code is, which i need to connect to the browser and to play games online. I have never had to put in a WPA code on my computers before to connect to the router. I have looked on my linksys program for information, but cannot find the WPA code.
    I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to wireless stuff so....

    Please help!

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    if you didn't change your linksys default settings, you should be able to connect to your router by going to your web browser and typing in and entering the password 'admin' (leave the user name field blank). If http doesn't work try https. You may even need to try with a computer that is connected by RJ45 and not wireless, as well.

    Once connected, go to the tab 'Wireless' and then select the sub-tab 'wireless security'. Under this screen you should see 'WPA Shared Key:'. That is your WPA security key to enter on your PSP.

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    I can't connect to or on my computer. Also can't connect to them on my PSP, because I need to select a network to connect to first, and then i don't know the WPA code.
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    I was looking on the information tab on my linksys program and I found the DNS. and was able to connect to my bellsouth internet service / connection page, and i was able to type in admin and gain remote access, but then i can't find the wireless tab or the wpa code. I also could enter expert mode, and still couldn't find the wpa code
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