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Thread: laptop signal range.

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    laptop signal range.

    Hey, I'm currently going to college and i just got a laptop with a pretty good wireless internet card (dont ask its the one that came with the laptop) and my college provides wireless internet to anyone that goes to school there, however i live in an apt about 100yrds from campus.

    I can get 1 out of 5 bars for my school wireless internet.
    I can get 4 or 5 out of 5 bars on a belkin45g that my neighbor (of course thats kinda like stealing)

    so if push comes to shove i can use my neighbors but i would much rather use the schools... i'm paying for it, i'm allowed to use it and i wont kill the bandwith...

    any suggestions?

    if you need more info just ask.

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    Move around your apartment with the laptop and see where you get the best signal.

    Have a window facing the campus? There are external bridge units that can use an external antenna and be connected to with an ethernet cable. Ive done this for a few friends here and there. Bridge

    You could try to use a repeater setup using an external antenna also... Ive not done one so dont know the specifics.
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