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Thread: Slow wired, fast wireless.

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    Slow wired, fast wireless.

    Hello guys,

    Iím having a problem with the network at one of our newest buildings. This building was just built last year and the wired network is terrible slow at busy times during the day. There are about 30 pc/terminals connected to the wired network, of which only about 15 are actually being used at any point in time. The wireless connection on the other hand is blazing fast.

    What could this problem be attributed to? Bad wiring? Bad switch? I've performed speed tests using various testing sites and all have come back with full speed results (768kbps/768kbps, half t1). The problem always appears when I'm not around.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Can you show me in a diagram where the wireless router (access point / wireless access point) come in on your network and where other people connect in via other switches or Hubs.

    It could be that everyone else is running at 10 or 100 Mbps and the wireless 54 Mbps to 270 Mbps (supposedly 300 Mbps), and has a wired router speed of 1 Gbps. That is where the speed up can be, I need to know more about your network topology of where the slow down may be.

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    Thanks for the reply alex. I'm going to have to go out to the location and put together a diagram. You mentioned some interesting ideas though. I will have to check into them. I'll have the diagram up soon.

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