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Thread: Connecting Printer Through Wireless Route

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    Question Connecting Printer Through Wireless Route

    I need help in setting my laptop up to print wireless through my router to my printer. My laptop is an HP. The router is a Linksys Broadband Router. The printer is a Lexmark X6170. The printer works fine from my desktop. The laptop works fine wireless through the router. BUT, I have been 10 days trying to get the printer configured to print through the router. If someone would tell me the steps to take, in PLAIN language....I would be forever grateful. Thank You....because I know there is someone out there that is so much more intelligent than I when it comes to this.....

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    I assume the printer is connected to the desktop computer. On the laptop, select "add a printer" and then select "network printer", navigate to it and follow the instructions.

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    I Tried That

    I have tried that...but my laptop does not recognize the printer that is connected to the desktop.

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    Have you enabled file and printer sharing on both computers?

    Does the laptop ask you for a password when you try to access the desktop harddrive?

    If so enter the username and password then try it.
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    Also, go to the desktop computer, and go Start/printers and faxes/ highlight the printer, right click it and enable sharing.
    then go back to the laptop and add the network printer. It should show up now.

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