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Thread: Why is my internet generally slow?

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    Why is my internet generally slow?

    Here's the deal - I have 8MB Broadband from BT and for between about 3AM - 11 AM it is quick and performs how it should. But for the rest of the time it is slow and does not really perform at the speeds the package specifies.

    I have a standard Ethernet LAN and all of the hubswitches are 100/10MB.

    What is the reason for it being so slow for so long and then quick for such a tiny fraction of the day?

    I will consider trying out fibreoptic broadband if I cannot find any answers because this is starting to get beyond a joke.

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    Post a TCP analyzer report.

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    Make sure you are connecting to your modem at 100 Mbps. Also if you are using BT's Master Socket Interface. Is this the kind with 4 wires? Like having an orange wire by chance? If it is, that is a spare "ring" wire, as I have been told about those people across the pond in the U.K. cut the orange wire in the master socket and everything speeds up and yes the phone still rings.

    You might find this referenced on other sites about trouble with BT internet.
    Let's see if we can get your problem under control, also did your ISP or phone company tell you how far away you are from them that you are located. Sounds like you have a signal or voltage attenuation problem as well.

    Fiber optic is also one of my specialties as well. The most common fiber optic connection for short haul is a multi-mode (LED) type of connection over an ATM trunk. ATM circuits are really expensive because it's add-on hardware and not your basic networking hardware you have internally like LAN equipment.

    As far as the bandwidth being chopped in half, sounds like the ISP is doing some bandwidth shaping so that everyone that is on the modem pool has equal access to the Internet, this is also known as over subscribing bandwidth, lots of ISPs are guilty of this crime.

    Ask them how many people are in the modem pool for the circuit you are attached to in the Central Office. It shouldn't be more than 8 people, in other words, you and seven other people.

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