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Thread: *Please help: certin pages wont load & my 2nd computers internet isnt working at all

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    Exclamation *Please help: certin pages wont load & my 2nd computers internet isnt working at all

    ok, I know very little about fixing computers.. but heres my problem:
    I have linksys 2.4 ghz 802.11g I have the box and a usb thing. The usb is connected to one computer, it says the signal is 76% but the internet is not working at all
    On my lap top the internet only works for some sites like aol and this one, but yahoo and others wont work.
    I've tried restarting all computers and boxes (like the linksys thing) but nothings working, of corse I've lowering the securety setting but thats not working either. Please help, but remember I dont know much at all about this so try and give simpler insturctions thanks

    *i just refrested the site survey thing on linksys and it looks like the signal went up to 81%.. this morning it was at 95% (this is on the computer thats not working) and at 95% it loaded some pages just like my laptop (which I'm on now)
    by the way yesterday both computers were working perfectly fine
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    Hold the reset button for 30 on your router. This should clear the routers settings. Once that has finished unplug your router and your modem. Plug your modem in first. Wait till the lights stay solid. Then plug in your router. Go to your routers page I think for Linksys. Setup your connection with the name of your network etc. Instead of selecting a channel select "Auto" if you can. See if this helps.

    I am not to similar with wireless Linksys routers. However I have a wireless network (Belkin) and this worked for me.

    Good Luck,

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