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Thread: Timer settings in a PC

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    Timer settings in a PC

    I always wanted one function in a PC, which is to turn ON and OFF a PC with timer settings like in TV timer function. I have not found one motherboard manufacturer come up with that feature in their BIOS level.

    Once I wrote one letter to ASUS to incorporate a timer setting in their motherboard, but they have not even acknowledged my letter.

    Are there any technical issues having a timer in a PC to turn ON and OFF at a set time? I can see one issue with shutting down the OS and then the PSU or it is something beyond my understanding.

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    It is built into some motherboards, in the BIOS look under “Power Management” and look for something similar to "PWron/Resume by alarm”. You can enable it and set an alarm time to turn the computer on.

    For shutting it down do a google search, there are many freeware apps that will shut it down by alarm.
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