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Thread: WoW Problems...alex_barringer plz read

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    Arrow WoW Problems...alex_barringer plz read

    Well, alex_barringer the reason I wish for u to read is because i was reading the post you made on the "Experiencing very slow speeds/random disconnects"
    the info you gave was 10x more than the cable technicians have ever given me...Ever! But If anybody else can help plz tell...

    Now then let me explain... I recently purchased WoW, and from the start got addicted...but starting last night the server started to randomly disconnect...and i tried to log back in...and it worked for 1..2mins. then again happened about 6 or 7 times untill i started to look for an answer...the thread above helped me understand but not fix or restrain from it happening less when i go on the internet its like a rollercoaster ride...5 mins is as fast as i can click and then it goes as slow as dialup...over and over well i quit WoW for the night because i thought it most likely peek hours and today I tried again....and it is still my question is: Is there anything i can do to stop this or atleast make it happen less often, or instead of WoW disconnecting just make it lag...being tweaks, programs, registry anything...

    My Info is ...

    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Windows Defender Firewall...Avast! Antivirus

    no router
    Motorola SB5101 Cable Modem
    SURFboard® Cable Modem
    w/ the latest firmware
    heres a pic:

    OneLink PowerLink BroadBand internet...they advertise 4mbps

    TCP Results
    « TCP Analyzer Results »
    Tested on: 06.30.2007 12:42
    IP address:

    TCP options string: 020405b40103030801010402
    MSS: 1460
    MTU: 1500
    TCP Window: 17408 (NOT multiple of MSS)
    RWIN Scaling: 8
    Unscaled RWIN : 68
    Reccomended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920
    BDP limit (200ms): 696kbps (87KBytes/s)
    BDP limit (500ms): 279kbps (35KBytes/s)
    MTU Discovery: ON
    TTL: 111
    Timestamps: OFF
    SACKs: ON
    IP ToS: 00000000 (0)
    And if theres anything to make it faster...and how do I find out how to come up with the best custom TCP optimzer values

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    Anybody willing to help me??

    Im srry for the double post but i'm just asking for some help

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    No router, got a firewallvirus scanner?

    Could also be related to adware/spyware. Super antispyware and sbybot are good places to start for that. Click that and find your down and upstream power levels and let us know what they are. If you can on when its fast and then check it again when its slow.

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    Talking Info

    U have ran spybot...a couple of bad cookies thats all but problem not fixed...
    No firewall..just windows vista defender (p.s. if theres any good free firewall for vista please tell me)

    downstream power lvl -4.0 dBmV
    upstream power lvl 40.9 dBmV

    and thx really appreciate the help...

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    Power levels look ok. Have you called tech support to see if theres an issue being worked on or if they have any info?

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    I did and they reset my connection...but now everything works except WoW
    so that means the problem is wow it connects and disconnects 5 min later anyhting i could do to fix this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by peaboy787461 View Post
    I did and they reset my connection...but now everything works except WoW
    so that means the problem is wow it connects and disconnects 5 min later anyhting i could do to fix this...
    sides from not playing wow, you just have to look at the servers your connecting to. Or ports in your router that might need to be opened... spyware screwing up your computer in the background.

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    I know this sounds absolutely crazy but make sure that the WoW main application is the only thing running in the background, there is a known issue on some computers that if you have an E-Mail client or something that requires any amount of bandwidth to get in and get out really quick does affect pings in games especially the MMORPG types.

    What I would like you to do if though this sounds crazy, try to find another RPG like Mu Online, download just the basic package without the extra (since it taxes your CPU sometimes), and start playing that at the normal times you get into WoW. Let me know if you get a lot of disconnects on that game.

    If you don't, I will look into the server issue on Blizzard's side a little more and have you check some other configuration files for WoW. As with many RPGs nowadays they have a virtual file system on your computer when the game is running, if the virtual file system (aka VFS) is not tuned correctly or is not clearing it's cache of data files the way it is supposed to do, you will also have lag problems and random disconnects.

    Another thing to try is to goto the "START" button while on desktop:

    1. Then goto the "Run" command, type in "cmd" and hit the "Enter" button, you will drop to a DOS emulator (it's not real DOS).

    2. Then type in "ping localhost" or "ping", this is the same thing, but localhost is easier to remember for most people. That is testing your network connection at your computer, it should read "1< ms", mean less than 1 millisecond on all four pings.

    3. Then find out what the IP address of your Surfboard Modem is, it is seen as "default" gateway in your TCP/IP configuration, type in this at the prompt to get that IP address, "ipconfig /all" then hit "Enter". Copy that IP address down on some paper, double checking you got it correct. Also copy down the DNS servers that are located in this list, double check to make sure you copied them correctly.

    4. Then type "ping" (the xxx section is the IP address you just got from that ipconfig utility).

    5. Now that you have those IP addresses save them as we will use them at a later date. Next, call up your ISP and tell them you are going to do a bunch of pings off their DNS servers to see if you have a problem with latency (this is actually common practice, just make sure they know when you are doing it, so they don't freak out when they see a barrage of pings coming in thinking it's a DoS attack).

    6. When you do the ping test against the DNS servers, this test is to see if there is a problem between your connection from the modem to their modems, up to the DNS (this is a needed service for domain names on the web as well as other "friendly named" protocols use DNS as well now too).

    7. When you ping them, the command line you type in is, "ping -t". Do this for about a minute watching the screen, you should get around 25 to 60 ms, that is standard for DNS and being fairly close to the ISP central office connection. We are looking for consistency here. If it hits over 100, let alone 300, there is more than likely a data relay / switching problem at the ISP, like you said, every 30 seconds or so, that sounds like a watchdog timer that the ISP might be using to shape the bandwidth you are getting. Note: if this is the case, that would be other people are having the same trouble on other games.

    This will go on forever the type of ping, when in the emulated DoS window. Hit "Ctrl-C" to stop it from pinging the ISP DNSes. With this being done, if you see anything that is up there in millseconds out of the norm, then the problem is not necessarily the WoW servers but is something the ISP needs to look into further.

    I look forward to hearing more from you about this problem and if you get high ping times from the DNSes of your ISP.

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    Also forgot to tell you, if you want to get out of the emulated DOS prompt, either hit the "X" close button on the window or type in "exit" and then hit "Enter" and it will close it for you.

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