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Thread: Wireless network to ethernet lan

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    Wireless network to ethernet lan

    hello there
    i have a 3com Access Point ( 3com 3CRGPOE10075 ) that has either bridge ( PTP , PTMP) or repeater/client mode.
    I am willing to connect to a wireless network ( that i can connect to using my laptop so it's a regular wireless network ) and transmit the data via ethernet lan . ( 1 ethernet port on the AP )
    so it's kind of : WIRELESS NETWORK ----> AP -----> My computer Lan card.
    So i have a dlink DI-524 router that broadcasts a wireless network , so i thought i would try connecting to this network using the client mode on my access point.
    I don't know about the IP configuration but i disabled DHCP on my AP and Router
    set the router's ip to and my AP's ip to, tried setting the AP's default gateway & DNS to the router's ip and my computer's IP. none of those 2 cases worked
    What should i do to achieve my goal? by the way , when i set the AP on client mode and connect to the wireless network , i can see on the router that the AP is connected as a client, but i can't ping it from my router , can't ping from my router and there's no received wireless packets at my router.

    I hope you understood what i am willing to do,
    Thank you very much
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