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Thread: easy one for somebody - wired vs wireless speed

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    easy one for somebody - wired vs wireless speed

    I always thought wireless was slower than wired. I asked my brother and he said our line is 12mbps broadband (cox cable if that matters) and he said my wireless is running at 54mbps (the usb stick is 108 but only connecting at 54) ...

    So I'm confused a bit, does this mean that my 108mbps wireless adapter is MUCH faster than my cox cable service? The wired feels faster but the transfer rate numbers I'm seeing on the screen are the bottom file transfers are running in the 700+ KB/s (or two simultaneous wired PC can get one connection at 1500KB/s but I haven't seen that on my wireless connection ...yet) I feel like there must be some catch to these two numbers (54mbps wireless vs 12mpbs cox cable) [/FONT][/SIZE]

    hope this makes sense, thanks

    (I apologize in advance, this subject is very likely already covered repeatedly but my search for answers was leading me off into all kinds of directions so I needed to save time and just throw it out here, thanks)....and thanks for a great site, there is so much interesting information here

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    Wireless has finally approached wired speeds with many of the new N units, which are obtaining real world speeds of just over 100 megs.

    But..a few thing with wireless. There is advertised speed..such as the 54 megs of G..and there is the real world actual speed..which with many G products usually is just below 20 megs..depending on many different factors.

    With the old B types..advertised was 11 megs, real world was 3, 5, maybe 7.

    Now consider your broadband speeds. You may have a 12 meg connection..but that's the "Up to" your ISP tells you. What do you actually benchmark at with a wired router? And with the faster and faster connections these days..can your router handle it, even wired? If your router is more than several years may not.

    Anyways..with wireless, as you can see G wireless usually wont be a bottleneck for a 12 meg connection.
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