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Thread: connected but not connected!

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    Exclamation connected but not connected!


    i have comcast high speed and a linksys router. when i plug in my ps3 into the router it works, the wireless words, but when i plug in my pc it tells me that there is a full connection, but when i try to use internet explorer i get the no server error, everything else on the network is working fine but not my pc. i have spent countless hours on this computer, trying to salvage it, and have gotten it to atleast read the connection but still no internet. PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I HIT IT WITH A MACHETE!!!!!!!

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    Switch thr modem off for at least a minute then try it, hope this helps.

    Regards, Ellgor.

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    Like Ellgor said power down your router. Actually power down everything and then power them up in order and let them run a minute or two before you power up the next device in the chain. Modem first, then router, then PC. Is your PC getting an IP address from your router. To check first open a command window, start=> run=> and type in cmd and hit enter. Now run ipconfing/all and post back the results. If you see for an IP address then your PC isn't getting on. Having for your DNS info will also mess things up.

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    Can you connect to ?
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    Type the following command on the command prompt (cmd.exe) on that problem PC, and make sure there is correct IP, netmask, gateway and DNS assigned. If not, fix the problem by configuring with correct information.

    ipconfig /all

    After that try to ping the gateway IP and make sure it works.

    If you don't have correct DNS assigned, you won't be able to surf website as your PC will fail to resolve the domain name. You can also use these free OpenDNS's DNS servers to access Internet if you like.


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